How Long Does It Take to Lose 10 Pounds

Wondering how long does it take to lose 10 pounds? Look! Sometimes losing weight can be very hard, especially if you tried the so-called best diet and exercise. But it is possible to lose 10 pounds in a week. Read on.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Trust me, if that was possible, we would all know. The same applies when you need to drop a couple of pounds.

There is an 80% chance that the rate it took your workout friend to lose 10 pounds would completely rival yours.

You know why? Body types differ.


How Long Does It Take to Lose 10 Pounds of Body Fat


From experience, weight loss doesn’t come so easily or even consistently at that 4 weeks? Maybe 5 weeks?

Frankly speaking, 10 pounds is a lot to lose in a few weeks. Unless you can flat out become a consistent F1 driver.

They are able to lose at least 8lbs because of the high G forces they have to endure in just one race!

If you can’t do that, let’s deal with how to lose 10 pounds safely and figure out how long it’ll take.


Confusing Terms? 

If this post is going to make sense to you, you will have to be more conversant with some weight-loss terms.

For instance, do you know what a diet plan is like? What does it mean to ‘count calories’?


  • Counting Calories


How Long Does It Take to Lose 10 Pounds of Body Fat


What are calories?  These are units of energy that come from different types of food- from carbohydrates all the way down to sugars and fats which are essential to healthy living.

However,  if you used these energy units too much is it very disastrous. It is one of the key reasons why you have put on so much weight than you envisaged.

The good news is that the act of ‘counting these calories’ as a way to regulate them is the ultimate way forward.

So, if you want to cut down on high-calorie meals, you can.

Let me warn you though, it’s not as easy as all those fitness magazines present it to be.

Let’s be realistic. It’s hard, but it’s not impossible!


  • Diet Plan


How Long Does It Take to Lose 10 Pounds of Body Fat


A healthy diet plan helps your body with all the nutrients you need. It also makes sure you stay within your weight goals.

The reason you gained all that weight in the first place lies in what you’ve been feeding yourself.

So, consume less and burn more calories, that is how you can lose weight.


Weight-Loss Patterns    

First, let’s establish that 10 pounds (lbs.) are 4.5 in kilograms, so don’t be confused. It’s 4.5kg.

Weight loss plans differ for different sets of people.

Losing 10 pounds successively involves a number of factors ranging from body composition and gender.


Let’s not also forget the age factor. Young adults, a little over puberty have a more definite plan to lose weight.

They are the ones who would immediately search on Google ‘how many days does it take to lose 10 pounds?’

A nursing mother or new mum would probably think about how painful it will be to let go of all the junk food.


My very own grandmother would spend about two months arguing about her weight.

It’s not just a way to immediately and comfortably look good. It’s amazing for one’s health.

After all these explanations, she will finally succumb to the pressure. She will go online to search for ways and may just find this article.

It will take a young person an average of eight weeks on the right weight loss diet plan which we will discuss later.


Note that age range at this point is 14-35 years.  At this stage, they are still susceptible to peer pressure and most of its perks.

There are still a lot of proms, neighborhood parties and dates to attend. It’s disheartening to be told you are just 10-20 pounds away from your ideal weight. You will do anything to lose at least 2 pounds a week and finally get into that dress.


On the other hand, people that fall under the 36-50 range will most definitely work with a 10 -12 weeks schedule. They don’t have peer pressure to deal with.

They just want to look good for society and themselves.

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 The Twist  

Research has shown that it’s technically easier for an obese individual to achieve calorie reduction. This is as opposed to a person who is just slightly overweight.

A young lady sadly confessed,’ it is so difficult to lose these extra 10 pounds I gained during summer break. I have worked so hard this past week, but I only lost 1 pound!

What am I doing wrong’?

In retrospect, she is asking,’ how many days does it take to lose 10 pounds already?


Weight Loss on a Schedule 

Categorically, you need to be aware that losing this weight can be done in different ways.

You have to be sure that however you are doing this, it shouldn’t be open to fluctuation.

By fluctuation I mean losing some weight today and then the weight bounces back tomorrow. Annoying, I know.


We are going to be doing some arithmetic soon, so brace up!


How Many Calories Does it Take to Lose 10 Pounds? 


How Many Calories Does it Take to Lose 10 Pounds


A pound of fat is directly equal to 3500 calorific content in reduction. Don’t scream yet.

This means you have to work to take out at least 7,000 calories from your diet as a young person.  3,500 calories are to a pound.

Multiply 3, 500 by 2 =7,000. This is, therefore, equivalent to 2 pounds of fat. 

The NHS weight loss schedule is to lose about 1-2 pounds in a week. This also explains why we started by multiplying the effect in two places.

According to Medical personnel, this is reasonably safe. You do not stand the risk of having gallstones.


You are wondering how?

There is a thin line between gallstones, obesity, and weight loss.

Gallstones are developed in the gallbladder as very hard like deposits. The gallbladder is a human body part which is found a little way under the liver.

As hard like as described, they can also be barely visible to the human eye. Did I mention that they could be passive or really obvious and painful?


There is a way to lose 10 pounds fast. However, the question is, how fast? Can I lose 10 pounds in a month? 

Losing up to 3 pounds in just one week, which is equivalent to 1,500 calories in a day is not a good kind of ‘fast’.

It can cause many anomalies ranging from dehydration to gallstones. Your body system is affected and your gall bladders will not be emptied thoroughly.

The balance of bile acids, lecithin and cholesterol will be distorted. Trust me; you do not want this to happen in your body.


Therefore, low-fat foods are not generally a good idea. This is because of their high tendency to cause gallstones. 

If you had earlier reservations about the weight loss schedule, you wouldn’t want to fall, a victim.

You just need to lose some extra pounds; you do not need to be ill to do that!


Keeping the Weight Down  

With the 10 pounds reduction in view, you will surely be desperate to try everything and anything.

Let’s keep it healthy, shall we?


Lose 10 Pounds with a Calculator 


How to Lose Lose 10 Pounds with a Calculator


Have you heard of the ‘weight loss calculator’? Since we have a definite weight already, let’s call it the ‘lose 10 pounds calculator’.

These are a great way to remind you of your goals on your device. However, they work with variables and may sometimes come off as inaccurate.

They are created with a mathematical formula called ‘Mifflin St. Jeor equation’. This is important to calculate calories.  It’s referred to as BMR (Base Metabolic Rate).


  • Types of Weight Loss Calculators

There are a variety of calculators. It all depends on the healthy speed which you can accommodate.

They bring up variables by taking gender, age, height, weight, lifestyle and exercise, and factor, it in. The way this information is done is what helps them work differently.


1.  NIH weight planner;  this is designed by the National Institute of Health. All you need to do is to input all the needed information.

This works to form an algorithm. The algorithm calculates the calories you would need to stay the same.

It goes further to tell you how many calories you need to cut back to lose 10 pounds.

The awesome part is that it also tells you calories needed for you to retain your goal weight.


2. DamnRipped.Com TDEE Calculator is the next big one. This calculator possesses another macro calculator. It also contains all the specs of the NIH calculator.

Imagine a fitness calculator that is specific down to whether you want to develop muscles while losing fat.

That is so cool!

The specificity helps you to be more aware of what you want so the time-frame given is more feasible and worthwhile.

It doesn’t make use of the Mifflin-St Jeor equations. The inventors believed other equations would be more suited for it.

If you still cringe while talking about calories, this is your best option. It focuses on keeping track on your macronutrients instead of the calories.


Lose 10 Pounds by Running 


How to lose 10 pounds by running


Remember when I asked if someone could lose 10 pounds in one month? This may be the only healthy way to do that.

If you are on that quick schedule to lose 10 pounds, get in here quickly!

You would need to burn a total of 35,000 calories.

If you are going to make a conscious effort to wear those running shoes every day, we are looking at 1,167 calories per day.


It’s a little math involved. Look!

I just divided 35,000 calories by an average of 30 days. That’s what helped us arrive at 1,167 calories per day.

Don’t scream, you will be fine.

Besides, you meet the hottest guys and girls when you run mostly in the mornings.

I believe it will be worth it for you if you will only just give it a try.

You need about 45 minutes minimum every day to lose 10 pounds at this rate. Marathon style running preferably. However, let’s be careful!


Note -This is better for experienced runners than any other person. The key here is consistency if it’s going to pass as a long-term weight loss strategy.


Lose 10 pounds on a Treadmill

The key to losing weight is burning up more calories than you consume.

In this way, your body quickly becomes aware of this energy deficit and begins to break down stored up fat.

It boils down to losing 3,500 calories than you consume.

Treadmills are easy to access and are fun to work with. The intensity of each workout session on the treadmill dictates how many calories can be burnt at once.

Walking at less than 4mph could help you burn an average of 68 calories.  Walking at 4 mph places you at 170 calories burn out.

That’s good news.

All you need is a deficit. Even if you burn high yielding calorie meals, you do not have a problem. All you have to do is burn it during your work out session.



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Losing 10 pounds with Diet Plan



How to lose 10 pounds with diet plan



A diet plan always works. Even though the first thing that causes significant weight loss is a loss of water.

You will have to call it quits on high carb junk food and unhealthy sugar. They are in no way filling.

You need foods with satiety functions which will keep you till you burn the calories acquired at the last meal.

There are rumors that you can comfortably lose 10 pounds in one week. As I pointed earlier, you will probably just lose a lot of water.

You need an effective diet plan which makes you look like you are 3-4 weeks into your weight loss journey.

This can happen when you are only one week in. Exciting right?

After knowing what to do comes action.


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How Long Does It Take to Lose 10 Pounds of Body Fat


Take Away

After knowing what to do, the next important step is action.

Now you know that you are working towards 35,000 calories to lose 10 pounds, you better get up and get started!

If it’s possible, get a friend who you will be accountable to.

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