Neck Pain Relief – How to Get Rid of Neck Pain Fast at Home

If you are presently experiencing neck pain, then you are not alone. A lot of people have experienced neck pain at some point in their life. These neck pain can be caused by poor posture, injury, and some medical complications and conditions.

Neck pain can negatively affect the way we go about our daily businesses. It can be very frustrating to get rid of. Therefore, there has been a lot of research on the best neck pain relief.

There are many ways through which we can treat neck pain.

The purpose of this article is to show you the best neck pain treatment which you can use for neck pain relief.

However, before we proceed, it is important we look at the different causes and also the symptoms of neck pain.



Neck Pain Relief - How to Get Rid of Neck Pain Fast at Home



Neck Pain Causes 

There are many factors that are responsible for neck pain and stiff neck.

In order to completely understand these factors and the remedies, it is important we know how the neck functions.

The neck is also referred to as the cervical spine. It is one complex structure and it consists of 7 different vertebrae.

These distinct vertebrae begin at your skull and also extends down just towards your upper back.

There are also many other structures that make up the neck.

Some of these include skin, veins, muscles, arteries, thyroid glands, lymph nodes, and many more.

When any of these structures develop any problem, it can contribute to your body feeling neck pain.


It is also important to stress that the human head weighs about 8 pounds.


So, you can understand the enormous work your cervical vertebrae (neck) is doing to hold up the head every single day.

It is because of these that neck pain is so common. A simple strain in your neck will lead to muscle tightening.

This can cause an enormous amount of neck pain.

Below are some of the factors that can be responsible for neck pain.

  • Poor posture
  • Pinched Nerve
  • Neck strain
  • Herniated disc
  • Poor sleeping position
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Degenerative disc disease (DDD)
  • Infections that can result in swollen lymph nodes
  • Stress



Neck Pain Symptoms

As we mentioned earlier, the neck is one complex structure that runs from the head to the back.

It is because of this that neck pain creates many symptoms which can spread to different areas of your body.

Most conditions describe neck pain as “dull ache.”

Don’t be deceived however, the type of pain can be different, and it depends on the condition that is responsible for it.

It is also possible that you experience facial pain, tingling around your neck, headaches, shoulder pain, and back pain.

For example, for those that have chronic conditions like fibromyalgia, the neck pain will be accompanied by symptoms that are known to be associated with fibromyalgia.

The same theory applies to other chronic issues.



Neck Pain Relief – How to Get Rid of Neck Pain Fast at Home

There are many natural remedies that can help with neck pain relief.

These sore neck remedies will help you get relief from neck pain.

These neck pain relief work for neck pain from sleeping, poor posture, stress, or even exercises.

They will ensure that you feel better in no time.


1. Get a Proper Pillow

Just like we stated earlier, your sleeping habits might be responsible for that neck pain.

This tip is especially useful for those whose neck pain is as a result of their poor sleeping habit.

Sleeping on uncomfortable pillows or in an improper and uncomfortable position can cause a considerable amount of neck pain.

The best sleeping positions you should always adopt are on your back or on the side.


Get a Proper Pillow for Neck Pain Relief


Your type of pillow can also contribute to neck pain. In order to get a quick neck pain relief, you should consider the following tips to get a proper pillow;

  • Avoid stacking pillows upon pillows while you sleep. Using a high stack of pillows will only stress your neck. It will make the neck stiff and flexed throughout the night.
  • Get a pillow that is suitable for your head. You can either make use of a memory foam pillow or a feather pillow.
  • For those who sleep on their side, it is important your spine is always straight throughout the night.
  • Your pillow can also help you with this. You can use a pillow which is higher under the neck than the head.


2. Stretching Exercises for Neck Pain Relief

Even though we know that neck pain can sometimes result from some exercises which we perform, there are still exercises that can help with neck pain relief.

These neck pain exercises are known as stretching exercises for the neck.



Stretching Exercises for Neck Pain Relief



We have some good exercises that not only help with neck pain relief, they are also fantastic facial exercises for wrinkles.

There are some gentle yoga poses that serve as effective facial exercises for jowls.

Poses like Downward Dog pose and the Bridge pose will not only help for neck pain relief, they are also one effective exercise for face slimming.

These stretching exercises help to relieve those tight spots around the neck.

They reduce pain and also expand the space in your head to accumulate more oxygen.

They are also regarded as a very good natural body detoxifier.



Neck Pain Relief Exercises - How to Get Rid of Neck Pain Fast at Home




3. Always Stay Hydrated

You’ve always heard of the importance of water to the human body.

But do you know that staying hydrated can also help with neck pain relief?

Not only does it help to alleviate neck pain, but it can also help to prevent further issues.



Always Stay Hydrated


The theory behind this is quite simple. The vertebrae in our spine enclose some discs.

These discs require water to help maintain the alignment of the spine. The water also helps to take some pressure from the spine.

As time goes on, it is important you stay hydrated as this will help prevent future issues that can affect the cervical discs.

It will, in turn, lead to lower chances of you developing neck pain.


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4. Hydrotherapy for Neck Pain Relief

Hydrotherapy can also help to reduce neck pain. It is also known as water therapy exercise.

This is especially useful for people that suffer from the condition called osteoarthritis.

Hydrotherapy can include aquatic exercises such as water aerobics.

Unlike exercises done inland, aquatic exercises are just a gentler method to boost your neck and body’s range of motion.

They are also very effective at neck pain relief just like land-based exercises.


Hydrotherapy for Neck Pain Relief


Alternatively, adding Epsom salts to water can also help for neck pain relief.


How to Use Epsom Salt for Neck Pain Treatment

Epsom salt contains magnesium which helps to reduce muscle pain and inflammation.

  1. You can add 2 cups of the Epsom salt to your warm water bath.
  2. Thereafter, soak your body in the tub and allow your muscles to relax.



5. Apply Heat and Ice

Ice and heat is another effective method for neck pain relief.

However, most people do not know when to apply either of them.



Apply Heat and Ice for Neck Pain Treatment


To clear the air, heat is a better remedy for spasms or sprains in the muscle while ice is just perfect for injuries.

For those who think they have muscle sprains in the neck, try heating it only after the swelling has reduced.

If it is an injury like whiplash, then you should consider applying an ice pack. Get ice pad for neck pain on Amazon



6. Pilates Exercises for Neck Pain Relief

The popular Pilates program is also one effective neck pain relief method.


This claim has actually been verified by health experts and researchers (1).


Everything in the human body is connected and it is the work of Pilates to help you realize that.

Movements like the Pilates can help lengthen and also strengthen your neck at the same time.

They also help to strengthen the muscles around the neck. This will help to ease the neck pain.


 Pilates Exercises for Neck Pain Relief


We mentioned earlier of the vertebrae that reside at the back of our necks.

These vertebrae are integral parts of the spine.

A good example of a Pilate exercise that has an effect on the spine is the head nod.

This workout helps to stretch your spine and neck.

It also adds strength to the abs, spine, and also the neck.

The Pilates is definitely one of our favorites for neck pain relief.



7. Massage for Neck Pain Treatment

Don’t we all love some massage from time to time?

Massaging your neck and the surrounding muscles can help scatter the fascia that has accumulated in your neck.

Massages also work to ease tensions in your neck and body.


Massage for Neck Pain Treatment


You can also decide to perform cranial massages. It can also have a beneficial effect on your neck.

This is simply because your neck and head are intertwined.

You should consider performing a regular massage.

It can help to prevent the occurrence of neck pain in the first place.


8. Always find Ways to Reduce Stress

Stress is bad for your health. It can result in the tensing of the neck muscles

It is important that you always look for means through which you can reduce stress.

This can help to ease neck pain and also prevent stiffness and pain in the first place.

Below are some of the ways through which you can choose to reduce stress;

  • Meditation
  • Always do something you enjoy.
  • Listen to music. As they say, music is food to the soul.
  • Learn to take a break or vacation. It might be for just some hours.

However, make sure you take a break from your office or even a stressful environment. Go to a quiet place and avoid all the stress.

These tips will really help for neck pain relief.



How to Get Rid of Neck Pain Naturally at Home




Neck Pain can be frustrating and annoying. However, you do not have to spend a lot of money to ensure neck pain relief.

Religiously follow the tips above and you’ll not only get relief, but you’ll also be able to prevent neck pain in the first place.

Whether they are neck pain left side or from the right, these tips will surely make you feel better in no time.

However, you must be careful if your neck pain is as a result of some previous medical condition or even a very serious injury.

If such is the case, then it is of utmost importance to consult your doctor in order to decide on a plan you can use to ease your pain.

Such a plan may include medication or even physical therapy.

If you still experience some sort of neck pain after using these tips, then also consult a medical practitioner.

It is of great importance to check in with you a doctor if you are experiencing chronic neck pain.

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