How to Use a Sauna for Weight Loss- Benefits and Precautions

One important question which has been frequently asked is if you can use a sauna for weight loss?

For centuries, different tribes have used a sauna to help them relax, improve the quality of muscle tissues, and to heal those tired muscles.

It is simply a “sweat bath” that can be used to rejuvenate the body and also flush out those dangerous toxins.

Today, people use a sauna for much more than simply to rejuvenate the body.

Sauna for weight loss is a concept that has gained widespread use.

Apart from using a sauna to lose weight, it is also used for relaxation and detoxification.


How to Use a Sauna for Weight Loss- Benefits And Precautions


Most gyms in this era are proud to offer either a wet or dry sauna to their users. A good gym typically has both.

Using sauna doesn’t require hard work. The best thing is the fact that all you need to do is to just sit in and sweat it out.


So simple and yet so beneficial. It definitely sounds like the stuff dreams are made of right?

A lot of people are strong believers in the fact that sauna for weight loss is entirely possible.

This belief is based on the premise that heating up the body’s core temperature will allow the body to work even harder in order to regulate the temperature and bring it down to a cooler temperature.


You might be wondering what does sauna really mean?


What is the Sauna?

It is a room that is typically between a temperature of 150 to 195°F.

A typical time to spend in the sauna is about 15 – 30 minutes.

So the next question you should be asking is that does sauna really help to melt away the excess fat that is in the human body? Is a sauna good for weight loss?

Even though there has not been extensive scientific research to back this up, sauna users have sworn that sauna for weight loss really works.

Apart from the weight loss benefit, sauna also offer an incredible amount of health benefits that your body can make use of.

In this article, we are going to show you the best way through which you can use a sauna for weight loss and the many other benefits that the sauna has to offer.

Get ready to get your body sweat suit for weight loss.


Benefits of Sauna

So much has been said about the immense benefits that sauna offers to the human body.

You will agree that nothing is more relieving, and reinvigorating than a healthy, deep sweat daily.

Your muscles relax, tension fades and mentally you also emerge more relaxed and ready to take on the day.

All you need are a few minutes in the sauna every day and you’ll feel better.

Below are some of the health benefits of sauna.


  • Helps to Remove Toxins

Many of us find it difficult to sweat daily. A sauna bath will allow you to sweat deeply. Deep sweating has a lot of health benefits.

As you undergo your sauna bath, the heat from the sauna will allow your core body temperature to rise.

This will make your blood vessels to dilate and cause an increase in blood flow.


Once the heat in your body starts moving towards the surface of your skin, your body’s nervous system will send a series of signals to the numerous sweat glands all over your body.

These sweat glands start to produce sweat once they get stimulated.

This deep sweating will then help to lower the level of chemicals, zinc, lead, mercury, copper, and nickel in your body.

These are all toxins that can be harmful to the body.

This reason alone makes sauna one of the best ways to detoxify the human body.


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  • Reduce your Blood Pressure

Sauna is also useful when it comes to the blood pressure.


Health experts and researchers have repeatedly proven that the sauna helps to lower the blood pressure (1).


Using just 30 minutes in the sauna can help to reduce both the diastolic and systolic blood pressure.

This is of immense benefit to your overall body health.


  • Sauna also Helps to Relax the Arteries

Just half an hour in the sauna and you can bet that your body has experienced a form of artery relaxation.

Sauna helps to relax the arteries. By so doing, it helps to improve the overall health of your heart.

It is known that the sauna helps to fight against a condition that is called arterial stiffness.

This condition increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

The stiffer the arteries, the higher the possibility that the individual would suffer a form of heart attack.


Even though many saunas recommend that those with heart problems should stay away, research has proven that sauna can be helpful even for those with serious heart issues (2).


However, you must make sure you consult a physician before you go to the sauna if you have a history of cardiovascular diseases and other issues.


  • Improves Mental Health

As we stated earlier, sauna aids the flow of blood in the body.

An improved blood flow not only positively impacts your body, but it also has a tremendous effect on your brain.


Researchers have discovered that those that have many sauna sessions every week enjoy a reduced risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s (3).


However, extensive research has not been conducted on the true impact of sauna on the brain.


  • Sauna also Helps to Soothe some Chronic Conditions

It has been discovered that there is a link between sauna baths and an improvement in symptoms and pains that are associated with musculoskeletal disorders.

Some of these musculoskeletal disorders include fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis.


Saunas are also helpful in soothing chronic headaches.

It does all these because of its amazing benefit of reducing inflammation in your blood.

Inflammation is known to cause some serious fatigue and pain in many chronic pain conditions.

Sauna helps to soothe these pain and symptoms.


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  • Sauna Could help Protect the Lungs

There is also some research that suggests that the sauna helps to protect your lungs.

You can decide to have a sauna when you’ve got cold or whenever it’s in the middle of a cold season.


Health experts have discovered that sauna can improve the function of the lungs even for those with problems such as asthma, or any chronic breathing issues (4).


When you have sauna baths regularly in the winter season, you can also reduce the risk of contacting pneumonia or a cold.

So, it might be a good idea to have a sauna bath anytime you’re feeling shivery.



How to Use a Sauna for Weight Loss- Benefits And Precautions




How to Use Sauna for Weight Loss

For those wondering how much fat can sauna for weight loss help them burn, or can you lose belly fat in a sauna?

Well, the answer is quite simple. Sauna is a very effective weight loss method however, this does not mean that the sauna room is a magic room that allows to go in and come out all fit.

It is extremely important that you always visit the sauna depending on the current weight of your body and also your target weight.

Sauna for weight loss should be done at least 2-3 times every week for about 2 weeks.

After your two weeks of sauna bath, you will notice your body feeling refreshed and energized.

You must also ensure you incorporate light exercises into your everyday routine.

Sauna baths and exercises go hand in hand, and you’ll see results faster when you do this.

Some of the exercises you can do include cardio workouts and strength training.

The sauna bath will thereafter help you to rejuvenate and relax the muscles.




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  • Tone your Muscle

We mentioned earlier that the sauna helps you to burn fat. However, you must be aware that it does not work your muscles.

It is extremely important you tone your muscles. This is because as you continue to lose fat in the sauna for weight loss, the skin tends to sag.

Toning the muscles will help to prevent the skin from sagging.

You should include some strength training and cardio workouts into your routine.

This will help to tone the muscles and prevent sagging. It will also effectively complement the sauna’s benefit of improving your stamina.


  • Stay Hydrated

It is also important that you always keep yourself hydrated.

This is because the sauna is known to cause too much dehydration, and this can inhibit your weight loss goal.

Consume about 3-4 glasses of water after your session in the sauna.


How Long should you Stay in a sauna to Lose Weight?

Never spend more than 20 to 30 minutes in the sauna.

This is because exposure to extreme heat can cause heatstroke or cardiovascular problems.

You must make sure you immediately make for the exit if you suddenly feel ill or dizzy.


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Types of Sauna for Weight Loss

There are different types of sauna for weight loss.

We will be examining the types of sauna that we have. You can always choose anyone you want from the list.


  • Infrared Sauna

This is not your conventional sauna, but you can be rest assured that it makes use of the same acting principle.

The infrared uses light waves to heat the body directly. This will allow it to produce sweat.


  • Electrical Sauna

In this kind of sauna, the sauna room is heated up by making use of electricity.

This means that they do not use wood in this sauna for weight loss

. Some make use of a sauna heater.


  • Steam Room

The steam rooms are known as the Turkish baths.

Steam rooms are known to have very steamy rooms and they are also humid.


  • Wood Burning

In the wood burning kind of sauna, rocks known as sauna rocks are heated just by setting light to wood.

This is the typical traditional Finnish kind of sauna and is quite well known.

The room temperature of this sauna is always high and is also humid.


Where to Buy a Sauna Suit?

Getting a sauna jacket shouldn’t necessarily be a tough task.

The first thing you need to do is to identify the type of sauna you would like to go in.

Once that is done, you can get a good sauna sweat suit jacket at a local store near you.

For those that prefer the comfort of shopping online, you can easily buy a sauna on Amazon.



How to Use a Sauna for Weight Loss- Benefits And Precautions




Sauna for weight loss is a great choice to make when you are just beginning on trying to lose weight.

It has been proven to aid your weight loss goals. Apart from weight, you also get some additional health benefits that your body can make use of.

However, you must always remember to consume healthy foods and incorporate strength training and cardio workouts to your daily routine.

This will ensure that your muscles remain toned and your body is also strong.

Curate your list of sauna kits now and get to work.

You can leave your questions below for those who have questions on both the wet and dry sauna weight loss tips.

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